About Us

As a parent, you sign up for many things. For every moment of exhilaration, happiness and pride, there is tiredness, worry and angst. But for some families, it is significantly more demanding; far beyond anything they have likely faced before.

Having a child diagnosed with cancer is the beginning of a journey that challenges the hardiest among us. 

Brilliant minds are working hard to find a cure for cancer and progress is being made. But in the here and now, these families have delicate days, weeks and months during treatment when anguish is rife. 

As parents, a simple fact remains; we would do anything for a sick child. 

The Children’s Cancer Foundation was founded by parents who fought for their children to be allowed to be children. After all, a sick child is still a child, and there isn’t one child who doesn’t delight in play and laughter and singing and dancing.

The Children’s Cancer Foundation is a group of committed individuals funding clinical research, clinical care and, crucially, family support programs. 

It is our simple goal to add light to young lives; to let children shine, now and in the future.

Our mission

To enable children with cancer to access the world’s best treatment and support and to build awareness of childhood cancer in the community and within governments. The Children’s Cancer Foundation supports families through treatment, partners with hospitals to deliver clinical excellence and builds world-class paediatric cancer clinical research. 

Why we do it 

While survival rates from childhood cancers have improved to 83%, medical research still has a long way to go in determining the multiple factors that cause cancer and the best ways to treat, cure and ultimately prevent the disease from occurring.

The Children’s Cancer Foundation was started by parents, with strong parent representation on the Board continuing today. Childhood cancer is a disease that impacts the family for life. We understand how important it is to not only support the family during treatment but to invest in clinical research for those that follow.



Australian children will be diagnosed with cancer this year.
One in five children will die; of those cured 10% will develop a treatment related cancer in later life.
Almost half of childhood cancers are diagnosed in children ages 0-4 years. 
Government cancer research funding is disproportionately directed towards adult cancers.