About Us

Children’s cancer. It shouldn’t happen. 

We’re committed to seeing the day when children’s cancer is gone.  

The Children’s Cancer Foundation is a dedicated team working with like-minded individuals and organisations to fund world-class clinical research and clinical care, and quality family support programs.   

The challenge of childhood cancer is real, and we won’t rest until it’s gone. We know that better, kinder treatment is possible, and we are making it happen. We stand united with researchers, doctors and families, committed to being the change-makers.  

The Children’s Cancer Foundation was founded in 1992 by parents who envisioned more welcoming and spirited treatment environments for children, and practical support for families in this disease that ultimately affects them all for life. The guiding light of the parent’s experience continues today with strong representation with our board, committees and volunteers. 

How we’re fulfilling our mission is to see the day when children’s cancer is gone by:  

  • Supporting innovative research projects that will help eliminate childhood cancer 
  • Ensuring all children in our hospitals have access to the best possible and latest proven treatments 
  • Holding government and hospitals accountable for consistently providing the most complete and advanced treatment and care available 
  • Mindfully build capacity and resources into our organisation for the pursuit of our goals. 

Research. Support. Partnerships. Advocacy. Change. 

Australian children will be diagnosed with cancer this year.
One in five children will die; of those cured 10% will develop a treatment related cancer in later life.

Almost half of childhood cancers are diagnosed in children ages 0-4 years. 

Government cancer research funding is disproportionately directed towards adult cancers.