Our Ambassador

In 2015, Kate Langbroek, Australian media personality and broadcaster, was appointed Ambassador of the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Kate generously shared her story with The Million Dollar Lunch community of her son’s brave battle with cancer. Lewis was diagnosed with leukaemia at age six, and underwent three and a half years of treatment at The Royal Children’s Hospital.

“We found ourselves in the Children’s Cancer Centre, which is something you would think was unthinkable. And I am here as living proof that it is not. And my son… is also living proof, I am very happy to say,” said Kate.

Having experienced first-hand the devastating impact of childhood cancer on family life and with her personal connection to the work of the Children’s Cancer Foundation, Kate said it is an honour to be the Foundation’s ambassador for what she thinks “is one of the finest organisations I’ve ever heard of.”

“The Children’s Cancer Foundation works high and it works low. It helps those of us who are in the darkest place and those who are doing the research and making great advances,” said Kate.

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