Endowment Fund

We have an ambitious vision: to make Australia a global leader in the fight against childhood cancer.

The Endowment Fund will provide perpetual funding for clinical research, enabling the Foundation to attract the world’s leading paediatric oncologists to build research teams and bring clinical trials to Australia.

New treatments are needed for children with cancer, to improve cure rates and to decrease the toxicities of therapy. The Endowment Fund will:

  • Stimulate new clinical research projects;
  • Increase clinical trial capacity and enrolment rates;
  • Provide children with access to the best treatments and therapies in the world;
  • Embed new technologies such as genomic analysis and ‘personalised medicine’ into clinical practice;
  • Attract and retain the best talent and train the next generation of paediatric cancer clinician researchers;
  • Create links with research initiatives elsewhere in Australia and overseas, including adult cancer;
  • Insulate research projects from the vagaries of economic and fundraising cycles; and
  • Leverage government funding with philanthropic and community investment.

The Endowment Fund is an unprecedented opportunity to make an impact on childhood cancer outcomes for children now and in the future. The Children’s Cancer Foundation requests your thoughtful consideration of a gift to support the $20 million Endowment Fund campaign. Contact Aileen Boyd-Squires, Chief Executive Officer, to discuss your contribution.