The Brighten Their Days Project

The majority of Children’s Cancer Foundation project funding is directed at saving lives through clinical research. However, the warm beating heart of the Foundation lies within our psychosocial projects, which reduce the psychological and emotional distress of children with cancer.

If you have ever found yourself lost within a song, totally immersed, you’ve experienced the essence of music therapy.

The Foundation has funded Music Therapy for childhood cancer patients since 2009, helping children with cancer to cope during stressful treatment by expressing their creativity through music and song.

If you have ever been absorbed by the challenge of painting or sculpting to express your most intimate feelings, you will understand the importance of art therapy.

The Foundation has funded Art Therapy services for childhood cancer patients (with assistance from The Pratt Foundation) since 2006, providing a space for children to process their feelings at a time when words alone are not enough.

If you treasure a piece of jewellery because of experiences it represents, you will understand the significance of a child’s Beaded Journey.

The Foundation has funded The Beaded Journey since 2008. Upon completing a treatment or reaching a milestone, each patient adds a beautiful bead to a string, which becomes a vivid representation of his or her progress through cancer treatment and an inspiring testament to childhood resilience.

These projects cost the Foundation approximately $25,000 each month.

You can contribute towards the Foundation’s psychosocial projects by visiting our Brighten Their Days campaign page to pledge your support.

To learn more, watch our short Brighten Their Days video by clicking on the link below.

(Duration: 3:26mins)

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