In Memoriam

Honour the memory of a precious loved one

A tribute that supports creating a world free of childhood cancer

A charitable donation in memory of a loved one is a unique way to honour their life. Memorial donations will go towards funding brilliant science minds in clinical research and supporting families during their greatest time of need. 

Ways to honour

  • Select the 'This is a donation in honour of someone special' box on our donate page.
  • Donate online with a personalised message. We can arrange to send an acknowledgement of your kind donation to the person’s next of kin 
  • Ongoing contributions to mark a birthday or significant day of your family or friend who passed away.
  • Donations in lieu of flowers at the funeral. This can be done online or we can supply donation envelopes. Your Funeral Director can contact us directly to arrange this.  


Support the Foundation in memory of a loved one