Special Named Funds

The Children's Cancer Foundation is able to create a ‘Special Named Fund' for families, with money raised supporting a specific area of our work, such as research into a particular type of children's cancer or a hospital-based service such as Music Therapy. Families may decide to set up a Special Named Fund as a way of contributing and making a difference while their child is in treatment, in recognition of the support they received from the Foundation during treatment, in celebration of successful treatment or in honour of their child. 

After their cancer experience, families sometimes consider establishing their own charity as a means of helping other families. A Special Named Fund allows families to concentrate on fundraising while taking away the administrative burden, leaving the Children's Cancer Foundation to take care of the project distributions, reporting and regulatory requirements for you. It also ensures that 100% of the funds raised can be dedicated to a specific project or field of research important to your family, with all overheads covered by the Children's Cancer Foundation.

Special Named Funds are recognised on our website. Each Special Named Fund has a dedicated online fundraising page with tax deductible donation receipts issued by the Foundation, allowing you to track how much money has been raised. We also discuss with you and report on how the funds were distributed.

Help us to not only support children to survive their diagnoses, but add light to young lives and give them the best opportunity to shine.  

Contact us to get involved. 


Marcus Rosin Fund

Dedicated to raising funds to support brain tumour research, in particular ependymoma, with the aim of accelerating research into new treatments.

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Ruby-Rose Rainbow Fund

Dedicated to raising funds to support leukaemia research, in particular for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, with the hope that a gentler treatment is discovered with a higher survival rate.

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Lillies for Hope

Dedicated to raising funds to support childhood cancer research, in particular for Wilms Tumour, with the hope that future patients do not have to face the hardships like those Lilly went through.

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