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Dealing with stress. 10 Tips from parents of children with cancer

Self-care during periods of sadness, confusion and emotional struggle is important. Finding the right tools to help cope with a childhood cancer diagnosis can...

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Tassie town goes gold for childhood cancer awareness month

Mum Melinda brings together Oatlands town residents to raise funds for childhood cancer awareness month in September. 

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Tony McGinn OAM leaves the Foundation

Tony McGinn OAM has made an outstanding contribution to children’s cancer in Victoria. A special tribute to Tony as he retires as our Deputy Chair.

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How to say the names of five paediatric cancers

Some paediatric cancer names are hard to say. Here we show you how to pronounce five childhood cancer types.

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Support Childhood Cancer Awareness this September

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September is a chance to renew your commitment to finding better ways for every childhood cancer challenge with us.

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The Million Dollar Lunch Giving Day result

You helped us raise $569,254 for children’s cancer on the day and we have now raised over $580,000

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Ways to support the Million Dollar Lunch Giving Day

There is more than one way to support our upcoming Million Dollar Lunch Giving Day. Help us raise $1,000,000 to better the lives of young cancer patients, and their...

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The power to extend our excellence and love

A Giving Day to improve the lives of young cancer sufferers. We need your support to raise $1,000,000 on the Million Dollar Lunch Giving Day, Friday 7 August...

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The Foundation welcomes Tracey Danaher to the Board.

We extend a warm welcome and congratulations to Tracey Danaher to the Board of the Children's Cancer Foundation.

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Trudi volunteers with leadership and love

For this year’s National Volunteer Week we spoke with Trudi, who has been volunteering with our Family Connect since June 2018.

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Make a difference from home

Many fundraising actions can be reimagined into a virtual environment. Take a look at our online fundraising suggestions and make a difference to the lives of...

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PRISM Clinical Trial Project update - Children’s Cancer Foundation

PRISM is a trial for young cancer patients exceeding the expectations and hopes of research staff at Sydney Children’s Hospital.

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Childhood Cancer. Help us change the statistics and improve lives.

We are often asked how different cancers are affecting the lives of Australian children. Beginning with this infographic, we will share the statistics that reflect...

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Childhood Cancer Symposium 2020 : A meeting of brilliant minds

Each year the Hudson Institute of Medical Research assemble some of the world’s top researchers and clinicians working in childhood cancer.

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Big birthday celebrations coming to Moomba Festival 2020

Mark your calendar for the Labour Day long weekend, a special float appears in the Moomba Parade celebrating the 150th birthday of Royal Children's...

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Welcome to Jeff Darmanin, Executive Director, Children’s Cancer Foundation

We extend a warm welcome and congratulations to Jeff Darmanin, appointed as Executive Director to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

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Our top five stories of 2019 - Children's Cancer Foundation

Read the top five most popular stories published by the Foundation in 2019.

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Personalised treatments for childhood cancers

Beyond chemotherapy lies a complex world of treatment pathways. Dr Dhanya Sooraj, is investigating a more personalised treatment approach.

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Tumour biobank aids cancer treatment

A complex biobank of living tumours is helping researchers like Dr Duncan Crombie understand more about childhood cancer and leading to faster and more effective...

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Not the usual type of bank manager

Caroline Drinkwater is a bank manager – but not in the traditional way. 

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How to Pronounce Eight Common Childhood Cancers

September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We've created an animated series of eight common childhood cancers that we encourage you, your family and friends to...

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Music Therapy for Cancer Patients - Children’s Cancer Foundation

Music therapy is brightening the days for children in the Royal Children’s Hospital Cancer Centre. We interview one of the Music Therapists.


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PRISM clinical trial for childhood cancers - Children’s Cancer Foundation

Finding new tumour treatment and approaches for children and young people with cancers.

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Art Therapy & Cancer Care - Q&A with Matilda Dawson

Art therapy is one of our clinical care programs. Art Therapist Tilly Dawson shares about a day in the life of her work.

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Early Identification Provides Hope

Application of a genetic screening technique – RNA sequencing – is helping to identify cancer cells early on.

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Behind the Spokes with the Cytotoxic Cyclists

Join our team of passionate individuals from all walks of life in the Murray to Moyne 2019 – a cycle event like no other.

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Targeted Treatment for Childhood Brain Cancers

Research funded by the Children’s Cancer Foundation has greatly increased understanding of the genetic changes that cause childhood brain cancers.

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The Million Dollar Lunch 2018 ended with a big bang!

The Million Dollar Lunch 2018 was once again star-studded entertainment line-up and a huge fundraising tally for the Foundation.

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A Big Title for a Big Job

The 'dream team' (Beck and Liz) provide a special kind of support to patients and families in the Children’s Cancer Centre at Monash Children’s Hospital.

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More Clinical Trials Equal More Treatment Options

Funding from the Children’s Cancer Foundation increases clinical trials offered to patients at Monash Children’s Hospital.

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Training the Next Generation of Researchers

The PhD Scholars Program will equip the next generation of scientists with the skills they need to tackle paediatric cancer through precision medicine.

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Celebrating 40 Years of Mary McGowan

For 40 years, Mary McGowan has dedicated her life to caring for children with cancer and their families.

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Sharing Music is Something Special

The music therapy service at Monash Children’s Hospital enables children and adolescents with cancer to access therapeutic services to cope with their treatment.

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Trial Aims for Safer Bone Marrow Transplants

A new national clinical trial aims to dramatically improve the chances for children with otherwise incurable leukaemias.

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Stronger Together: Merger of Two Charities

In 2012, two charities merged to form the Children's Cancer Foundation. Director Kevin Martin, who served on the boards of both charities, shares his perspective.

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Living ‘Organoids’ to Revolutionise Treatment for Children with Cancer

The Foundation’s research grant awarded to the Hudson Institute of medical research is targeted and kinder treatment for brain cancer and solid tumours.

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A history of giving back through corporate partnership

Strong corporate partnerships like ours with Arnold Bloch Liebler are vital to seeing the day where childhood cancer is gone.

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Lighting the Way to a Better Recovery

Non-invasive bright light therapy may assist in relieving the disruption of sleep patterns in young cancer patients.

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The Children’s Cancer Foundation's Annual Report for 2018/2019

We’ve had another fantastic year of fundraising and project funding. The Children’s Cancer Foundation annual report for 2018/2019 is found...

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A Partnership That Counts

The Children’s Cancer Foundation receives behind-the-scenes support from corporate Australia, allowing us to keep our administration costs to a minimum.

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$1.37M awarded to research fellow at the Royal Children’s Hospital

The largest individual research grant in our Foundation history hopes to improve treatment for children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Run Melbourne Record

Led by Team Captain Kate Langbroek the Foundation's Run Melbourne team raised a record-breaking $60,000 in aid of children with cancer. 

From Charity Bike Ride to Lifelong Journey

Nat Lippiatt, director of the Children's Cancer Foundation, shares how a charity bike ride in 2002 turned into a lifelong journey with the Foundation.

The Million Dollar Lunch 2017 Raises the Big Top

The Million Dollar Lunch 2017, held under the big top at the Palladium at Crown, raised more than $2.1 million for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Nelson Alexander Foundation Day Win

The Children's Cancer Foundation is delighted to be supported by the Keilor branch of Nelson Alexander.

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Professional Counselling for Families

Counselling and family support services are one way we are helping families get through undoubtedly the most difficult time of their lives

Family Connect – Join us for a coffee

The Children's Cancer Foundation host Family Connect – a weekly complimentary morning tea to meet and connect with other families in a relaxed atmosphere.

Eyes Open Ride

Earlier this year, James John embarked on a 19,000km journey around Australia, by motorbike, in aid of children with cancer.

Yering Station Charity Lunch with Guy Grossi

Yering Station welcomed Guy Grossi for a special charity lunch and raised $28,725 in support of our work.

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Mental Wellbeing for Cancer Patients

Recognising the need for care of the mental wellbeing of childhood cancer patients, and their families.

15 Years Funding Groundbreaking Research

The Children's Cancer Foundation and My Room celebrate 15 years funding groundbreaking childhood cancer research at Murdoch Childrens.

Painting a Picture of the Brain

The Foundation is helping fill a crucial gap in funding to enable neuropsychological assessment and monitoring of children during their cancer journey.  

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Art therapy brings out childrens’ artistic touch

Meet the Art Therapists at the Royal Children’s Hospital who are helping the healing process for children in cancer treatment.

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Clinical Trials Prepare For Big Advances

Read the latest on early phase clinical trials at the Children’s Cancer Centre at The Royal Children’s Hospital benefitting Australian children.

Q & A with the Author of The Together Stories

Trish Dearn, author of The Together Stories, shares her family's story and motivation for writing the series.

A Touch Of Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Merridy Justice’s nurturing and compassionate spirit is a welcome relief to families at the Children’s Cancer Centre Kookaburra ward and Day Oncology Unit.

A New Bead Marks The Start of Treatment

A thread of beads representing the personal treatment journeys of young cancer patients will now start with a bead from the Children’s Cancer Foundation.  

$1 Million Investment in Childhood Cancer Research

The Children’s Cancer Foundation is committed to investing in Melbourne as a global leader in childhood cancer research. 

Understanding Childhood Brain Cancer

Improving our understanding of childhood brain cancer and solid tumours is the aim of new research funded by the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

New Insights Into Cancer Diagnosis

Researchers hope a new project to be funded by the Children’s Cancer Foundation will revolutionise cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Harnessing New Stem Cell Technology

New funding will allow researchers to apply their ground-breaking stem cell research to childhood leukaemia.

New Artworks Brighten Ward

Art Therapists at The Royal Children's Hospital invited patients and families to create artworks to brighten the wards in the Children's Cancer Centre.

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Immunotherapy trial offers patients hope

Clinical trials that genetically engineer immune cells to attack cancer cells is one way we are helping children overcome acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

A Message from the Chairman

The Children's Cancer Foundation has never contracted with third-party fundraisers to raise funds on its behalf or adopted any dubious fundraising practices.

Understanding the Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Ground-breaking research will look at identifying in advance which patients are likely to be at risk of heart damage as a side effect of their chemotherapy treatment.

New Clinical Research Fellow Appointed

Read about our latest Clinical Research Fellowship that will fund a key role in a paediatric cancer research neuro-oncology program.

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Funding Boost for Music Therapy

Our program funding commitment for music therapy bringing benefits to children going through cancer 

The Million Dollar Lunch 2016

The Million Dollar Lunch 2016 raised an extraordinary $1.719 million in support of Australia’s real superheroes – children with cancer.

International Clinical Trials Day

The Children’s Cancer Foundation joins the medical community in marking International Clinical Trials Day on Friday, 20 May.

An Extraordinary Woman

Mary McGowan is an extraordinary woman who works tirelessly to improve the quality of care and outcomes for children with cancer.

A Relay Great Result

The Cytotoxic Cyclists raise over $46,000 to support the Children’s Cancer Foundation in the Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay 2016.

That Little Bit Extra

Rebecca Pahl, Family Resource Coordinator, is the go-to person for practical and emotional support across the inpatient, day oncology and outpatient wards.

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The Rathbone Family Advocates for Cancer

The Rathbones have been fundraising and advocating for childhood cancer since their son Matthew was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 1979.

Personalised Medicine Will Be Game-changer

Revolution in molecular and genomic techniques allows researchers to develop targeted therapies for children with cancer.

It’s Really The Two Million Dollar Lunch

Australia’s business leaders dug deep on Friday, 7 August 2015 at The Million Dollar Lunch to raise a record-breaking $2 million gross.

Liz Cambage Takes Home Volvo Car

Australian basketballer Liz Cambage won first prize in The Million Dollar Lunch 2015 Premium Raffle, a Volvo S60.

New Clinical Trial for Leukaemia Patients

A ground-breaking clinical trial supported by the Children’s Cancer Foundation is offering young leukaemia patients access to drugs previously unavailable.

Tony McGinn Receives Medal of the Order of Australia

Tony McGinn OAM, Deputy Chairman of the Children’s Cancer Foundation, received a Medal of the Order of Australia in the 2015 Australia Day honours.