The Children’s Cancer Foundation's Annual Report for 2018/2019

Our achievements in the last financial year

After another fantastic year of fundraising, support and programs, we are pleased to share with you the Children’s Cancer Foundation Annual Report for the period 2018/2019. 

Funding 31 projects which cost $3,517,899. This is the most we have ever supported. 

Our ongoing commitment to clinical research, clinical trials, clinical care and family support, continues with record spending in each of these areas. 

We created the first Paediatric Oncology Endowed Chair in Victoria, in partnership with the University of Melbourne, The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, The Royal Children's Hospital and the Murdoch Children's Research Institute

We are pleased to be positioned to commit to Phase 2 of an exciting Clinical Research project at Hudson Institute of Medical Research, that is progressing paediatric precision medicine. 

Download our 2018/19 Annual Report to learn more. 

Thank you to the many individuals, organisations, communities, volunteers and families who supported the Children's Cancer Foundation in 2018/19. 

We hope you continue on the exciting journey with us into 2020.

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Children's Cancer Foundation Annual Report Cover