Behind the Spokes with the Cytotoxic Cyclists

The Cytotoxic Cyclists have taken part in the Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay since 1997, raising over $600,000 for the Children's Cancer Foundation. 

The team, led by the indomitable Mary McGowan, is made up of a group of passionate individuals from all walks of life – staff, patient families, childhood cancer survivors and other supporters – who challenge themselves (mentally and physically) each year to participate.

Find out more about joining our team for the Murray to Moyne 2020.

Get inspired by our series 'Behind the Spokes with the Cytotoxic Cyclists' and read the stories of our wonderful cyclists, support crew members and suppor

Cath Walters, husband Paul and Daughter Tiana celebrate their first Murray to Moyne ride.

Cath: Not Giving Up

"I ride for all the beautiful children that are hurting more than I was at that point. For my little girl who went through so much...I kept riding. There was no way I was giving up." Read Cath's story

Rick Amoore rides Murray to Moyne for his cousin who he lost to leukaemia

Rick: A Great Challenge

“The Murray to Moyne is a great challenge – it’s very satisfying, loads of fun and our support crew is second to none." Read Rick's story

Trudi Torney and her support crew serve home cooked meals for Murray to Moyne riders.

Trudi: The Saints of Saint Arnaud

"It is nice to feel that you can do something that is valued and has a far-reaching community effect." Read Trudi's story


Samuel: All You Have to Do is Ride

“It is important, especially in my case, to give back to the Children’s Cancer Foundation, as they have helped many people through very difficult times." Read Sam's story

Read Pete's Story

Pete: Bus Driver Extraordinaire

"It makes me grateful for the blessings I have –healthy children and grandchild, and a wife who loves me." Read Pete's story

Roxie Dyas has cycled Murray to Moyne nine times.

Roxy: Tenth Time is the Charm

I really didn’t have any concept of what was involved, but it exceeded all my expectations." Read Roxanne's story

 Lisa and Zane Richards ride the night during Murray to Moyne.

Lisa and Zane: Love of Night Riding

There is no other ride like it really...especially the riding at night in the countryside..." Read Lisa and Zane's story


Murray to Moyne 2018 team photo on beach