Clinical Care

As part of an integrated approach to a child’s treatment, the Foundation funds hospital staff to enhance the level of care. These include programs that help children not only cope with the pain and psychological issues, but also help promote an environment of creativity and expression.

We have since 1992 funded the salaries of medical consultants, nurses, nurse educators, pharmacists, dieticians, e-education advisors, play therapists, art therapists, music therapists, psychologists, mental health clinicians, neuropsychologists and many more to ensure the best possible outcome for children with cancer.

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Music Therapy with Priscilla

The Beaded Journey

The Beaded Journey is one of the many therapeutic programs the Children’s Cancer Foundation funds. It gives children the opportunity to tell their personal cancer story by marking key events (medical and non-medical) throughout their treatment. Each event is represented by a bead, which is placed on a string for the child to keep to symbolise their tenacity and bravery. More than 1,000 children and adolescents across Victorian hospitals in Melbourne and regional centres have embraced The Beaded Journey since 2007.  

Read about how The Beaded Journey program helped Cooper and Jordan.

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